Bingham Mayor Supports Women’s Aid Integrated Services

Jane Costello, the new Mayor of Bingham Town Council, has chosen Women’s Aid Integrated Services as her charity for the year.  This is great news for the charity’s Indigo Project which specifically supports women in Bingham and surrounding areas. Val Lunn, CEO of the charity said: “We’re so excited that we can work together for the year, raise awareness of our work and the fact that no-one living with domestic abuse should suffer in silence”.

Jane Costello said: “The work of WAIS is vital to help women in abusive relationships, they may not be able to talk to friends or family but they can speak to someone in confidence on the helpline (0808 800 0340).  I also admire the pet fostering scheme as it cannot be easy to leave home and leave a pet behind that will be vulnerable to abuse!”

If you would also like to support the charity then please visit their website at