Bingham Town Council receives the Foundation Award as part of the Local Council Award Scheme

Bingham Town Council has received the Foundation Award as part of the Local Council Award Scheme. This achievement demonstrates that the Council operates lawfully, follows good practice and is training its officers and Councillors to set the foundation for continual improvement and development.

The Local Council Award Scheme is a peer assessed programme that aims to help councils reach their full potential through sharing best practice and driving up standards and celebrates the hard work and commitment shown by councillors and officers.

Bingham Town Council’s Mayor, Cllr Rowan Bird, was quoted as being “delighted to be recognised for the hard work and commitment of the officers and Councillors. The Council is constantly reviewing ways in which it can keep on improving the offerings and facilities for the local community”.

The Council welcomes input from residents, businesses, and partners on this and meetings held at the Old Court House are open to the public. The Council will continue to work on its ambitious plans for the Town, striving to keep residents informed by expanding its communication channels and consulting the public on the larger objectives including car parking and new and improved community facilities. Alongside new projects, the Council also continues to recognise its responsibilities for its assets, including play areas, Bingham cemetery and the recreational facilities in the Town, to make sure these are protected for future generations.

Rushcliffe Borough Council Chief Executive Kath Marriott added: “Congratulations to Bingham Town Council on securing the Local Council Award Scheme, highlighting the progress it is making to drive up standards and continually improve and develop.”