Bingham Improvement Board

In response to the local petition that was submitted by Bingham residents to Rushcliffe Borough Council in 2021, Rushcliffe have agreed with Bingham Town Council to establish a local Improvement Board to:

  • Deliver an action plan responding to the issues raised in the petition presented by the Bingham Deserves Better Group
  • Support improvement in the Council’s wider governance arrangements
  • Ensure that a range of voices, including those independent to the Council contribute to the development of governance at the Council
  • Help the Council to develop a culture of respect between Councillors and between Councillors and employees

The Improvement Board comprises:

Jonathan Owen: Chief Executive, National Association of Local Councils
David Pye: Lead Analyst, Commissioning & Research Team for the Local Government Association,  and parish councillor
Neil Taylor: District Council Chief Executive (retired)
Rowan Bird: Bingham Town Councillor
Gareth Williams: Bingham Town Councillor


As part of this work, the board met with Stakeholders and residents across two days in January 2022. The board have set aside a further date on 28 February 2022 for interviews with Bingham residents that were unable to attend in January, to hear their individual views.

If you would like to meet the Improvement Board please contact the Bingham Town Council Clerk Town ( or 01949 831445 ) to agree a convenient time for a personal meeting with members of the Improvement Board.

The Board are looking forward to hearing a range of peoples’ views particularly about what improvements could be put in place for the future. So please make an appointment if you would like to participate in this process.

Neil Taylor
Bingham Improvement Board