Parents: reminder to apply for school places by the end of next week

Applications for first admission (reception) and transfer to junior/primary school (year 3) can be made until 15 January 2022.

Remember to apply by 15 January 2022 – there are still 1617 known Nottinghamshire families still to apply for a reception school place.

It is important that parents of children who require a place for September 2022 apply by the closing date of 15 January 2022.  The best way to apply is online.

Parents are advised to check the admission oversubscription criteria for their preferred school carefully before completing their application.  Parents should not assume that their child will get in at a particular school just because the child attends the nursery, lives in the catchment area, has a brother or sister attending that school or the linked junior/primary school or lives reasonably close to the school.  Parents are advised to make use of all four preferences and ensure their application is received on time.

Last year, for admissions in September 2021, over 98% of parents who applied on time for a reception place were offered a place at one of their preferred schools.  We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of identifying more than one preference.  Of those families that were not successful for any of their preferences, 55% had expressed only one preference.

Of the applications received for a first admission (reception) school place in September 2022:

  • in the Ashfield area – 85% have only made a single preference
  • in Bassetlaw area – 90% have only made a single preference
  • in the Broxtowe area – 78% have only made a single preference
  • in the Gedling area – 57% have only made a single preference
  • in the Mansfield area – 91% have only made a single preference
  • in the Newark area – 86% have only made a single preference
  • in the Rushcliffe area – 77% have only made a single preference

Parents can add or change their preferences up until 15 January 2022.

For more information about the application process, schools, the number of places available or how places are allocated, parents should visit the website at