A52 Nottingham junctions update

Highways England has updated its A52 Nottingham junctions project page :

Planned work at our site compound

What’s happening?

In mid August we’ll start work to widen the entrance of our site office, which is used as the base for our A52 Nottingham junctions upgrade scheme.

Located just off the A52 close to Gamston roundabout, regular deliveries are already made to the compound. By widening the entrance we can make sure the large vehicles we expect to deliver goods to site in the future will be able to move off the main road quickly and safely, minimising disruption to the flow of traffic and pedestrians.

When will the work start?

We’ll start work on 16 August 2021:

  • from 16 August: day time work within the compound boundary, to the edge of the footpath
  • from 23 August: some night time work and lane one will be closed for part of the night
  • from 26 August: day time work within the compound boundary, to the edge of the footpath, which we expect to last for two weeks

How will the work affect road users and pedestrians?

To minimise disruption, we’ll keep the footpath at the front of the site open while we work. To keep everyone safe, we’ll make sure the path is monitored when work is underway.

We’ll also put up new signs around our work area to remind everyone to look both ways when crossing or using the site entrance.

Additionally, all vehicles using the compound will be restricted to left turn in and left turn out.

How can you find out more?

To ask a question about this work you can:

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