Press Statement – Comment made by Councillor Leach

During the Town Council’s meeting on Tuesday 25 May 2021, an inappropriate comment was made by Councillor Viv Leach.

A Bingham Town Council spokesperson said: “During the Town Council’s meeting on Tuesday May 25, an inappropriate comment of ‘Heil Hitler’ was made by Councillor Leach for which she wishes to apologise unreservedly.”

Councillor Leach said: “The comment was made in response to an observation which, on reflection, was stupid and thoughtless of me. My comment was not intended to cause offense, but it has and for that I am extremely sorry. If I could take the comment back I would, and therefore I fully accept that there may be consequences.”

The Town Council’s Mayor, Councillor Andrew Shelton said: “the Council does not and will not tolerate such offensive language or unacceptable comments. However, we will support Councillor Leach in making amends and help identify appropriate training.”