Published Payments over £500 – 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

April 2019

04-08-19Old Court House Rates £732.00
04-11-19Sports Pitch Maintenance £900.00
04-11-19Manufacture & Install Twinning Sign £1397.92
04-11-19Microsoft 365 Renewal £699.11
04-11-19Vehicle Insurance£1037.70
04-18-19Install of Memorial Kerbs£2070.00
04-18-19Play Park Consultancy £2450.00
04-18-19Old Court House Drive Tarmac'ing£4375.00
04-18-19Architectural Fees for the Pavilion at Wynhill £3000.00
04-18-19Clearance at Former Allotment and Skate Park£2960.00
04-18-19Grave Digging£550.00
04-18-19Old Court House Drain Repairs£10303.67
04-18-19Neighbourhood Plan Support£3750.00
04-18-19Salaries - month 1£7673.08
04-30-19Old Court House Gas/Electricity £715.75

May 2019

05-03-19Christmas Lighting contract£2967.96
05-03-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit M1£2192.00
05-03-19Tax and NI - Month 1£1841.45
05-07-19Old Court House Rates£737.00
05-09-19Mayors Charity Donation for 2018/2019£1073.30
05-17-19Market Place Planters£1827.58
05-17-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit M2£2824.24
05-17-19Tax and NI - Month 2£3002.25
05-17-19Salaries - Month 2£9311.87
05-31-19Old Court House Gas/Electricity£1073.30

June 2019

06-07-19Old Court House Rates£737.00
06-10-19Sports Pitch Maintenance£1200.00
06-10-19Sports Pitch Maintenance£3825.00
06-24-19Salaries - Month 3£8108.88
06-24-19Orchard Play Area Installation£31998.72
06-24-19Market Place Planting£900.00
06-24-19PA Hire - Summer Fair£500.00
06-24-19Event Staff - Summer Fair£600.00

July 2019

07-08-19Old Cour House Rates£737.00
07-12-19Tax and NI - Month 3£2032.84
07-12-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit M3£2283.55
07-12-19Old Court House Alarm Contract£1309.07
07-18-19Sports Pitch Maintenance£1400.00
07-18-19Legal Fees - Land£2100.00
07-24-19Salaries - Month 4£6628.65

August 2019

08-02-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit - M4£1793.96
08-02-19Tax and NI - Month 4£1119.23
08-07-19Old Court House Rates£737.00
08-23-19Salaries - Month 5£6425.85
08-28-19Legal Fees - Land£1664.00
08-28-19Sports Pitch Maintenance£900.00

September 2019

09-09-19Old Court House Rates£737.00
09-10-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit - M5£1791.62
09-10-19Tax and NI - Month 5£1501.44
09-16-19Legal Fees - Land£4865.40
09-24-19Salaries - Month 6£14475.67
09-27-19Stall erection and dismantling £700.00
09-27-19Legal Fees - Lease £1176.00
09-27-19Maintenance of grounds equipment£815.85
09-27-19Sports Pitch Maintenance£1200.00
09-27-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit - M6£3995.29
09-27-19Tax and NI - Month 6£5062.93

October 2019

10-07-19Orchard Park play park equipment£31998.72
10-07-19Election fees£3190.13
10-07-19Cogley Lane play park bark£1312.50
10-07-19External audit fees£800.00
10-07-19Old Court House rates£737.00
10-23-19Sports Pitch Maintenance£1200.00
10-23-19Christmas Fair stage£1000.00
10-23-19Christmas Fair PA and stage crew£687.92
10-24-19Salaries - Month 7£9056.63
10-28-19Play ground training £1810.00
10-28-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit - M7£2214.61
10-28-19Tax and NI - Month 7£2163.65

November 2019

11-04-19HR Consultancy£1950.00
11-07-19Old Court House rates£737.00
11-08-19Grave Digging£550.00
11-08-19Heras Fencing £829.40
11-08-19Sports Pitch Maintenance£2400.00
11-15-19Church Wall Insurance Excess£500.00
11-21-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit - M8£2311.15
11-21-19Tax and NI - Month 8£1921.61
11-22-19Salaries - Month 8£9848.50
11-28-19Stage Hire£962.91
11-29-19Gas/Electricity £598.29

December 2019

12-04-19Eaton Place clock repair£500.00
12-09-19Old Court House rates£737.00
12-19-19Salaries - Month 9£9977.47
12-19-19Play park equipment parts£937.97
12-19-19Pension and NCC Pension Deficit - M9£2385.66
12-19-19Tax and NI - Month 9£2410.94
12-31-19Gas/Electricity £827.96

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