Nottinghamshire Consultation on Fair Access to Schools

thumbnail of Fair Access Consultation posterEvery Local Authority is required to have a Fair Access Protocol, developed in partnership with schools, to ensure that – outside the normal admissions round – unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable, are found and offered a place quickly. The aim of the protocol is to keep the amount of time any child is out of school to the minimum. (DfE Guidance, November 2012 – Fair Access Protocols: Principles and Process.)

Nottinghamshire County Council is carrying out public consultation regarding a draft revised fair access protocol. The protocol has been updated to reflect the publication of more recent legislation to which it refers and changes in the way of working for school locality panels across the primary and secondary phases.

The consultation will run from 21st November 2018 to 15th January 2019 and will be available to view at

Anyone can comment on the arrangements up to 15th January 2019 by: