Masterplan developing clearer vision for ‘Brilliant Bingham’

Proposals to support Bingham’s significant housing growth over the next decade have emerged in a masterplan that is seeking to develop a clear vision for the future of the town and ‘Brilliant Bingham’.

Building on the work already undertaken on the Community Led Plan, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Bingham Town Council and the wider Bingham Growth Board commissioned consultants to undertake the work earlier this year, which can be viewed here.

The masterplan has identified a variety of key short, medium and long term projects to shape the future economic development and regeneration of the town. These proposals include:

  • Pedestrian focussed market square with a stronger identity and increased activity, potentially employing a town centre manager
  • Green walkable routes around Bingham are to be improved and continued into the new development to the north
  • Opportunity to enlarge the ‘Local Centre’ using land anchored around LIDL and the Chapel Lane junction, and an aspiration to relocate the train station to this area.
  • A new car park directly north of the railway line to help to ease congestion in the centre
  • Improved community facilities.

The full masterplan is available to view here: Bingham Masterplan

Chair of the Bingham Growth Board and Deputy Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council Cllr Mason said: “Respecting the tradition and historic assets of the town whilst creating an aspirational future vision for Bingham with the support of stakeholders is vital.

“From more regular events at an improved market place through to potentially relocating the station to aid commuter and visitor access, there is much the plan will seek to develop, and the Growth Board will be looking at ways of progressing these projects.”

The Bingham Growth Board is a partnership between the Borough Council, Town Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, local business groups and other stakeholders and is working together to adapt the town’s development in line with its increasing population.

Consultants URBED were commissioned to produce the plan that involved extensive consultation with stakeholders and the community earlier in 2018, covering the town centre and marketplace, car parking, infrastructure, commercial land and buildings and leisure and community facilities.

Councillor Jane Costello, who represents Bingham Town Council on the Growth Board said: “The masterplan is addressing many of the questions frequently raised by residents and with other partners, we wish to progress these key projects to boost the economy and regenerate the town wherever we can for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.”