Parking in Bingham

The car parks that serve Bingham’s town centre are owned and managed by Rushcliffe Borough Council. In the lead up to the car parking changes at Union and Needham Street, a survey of car parking use was conducted. The survey results somewhat surprised Bingham Town Council and other authorities as it dispelled the belief that our car parks were grid-locked by commuters travelling on to work by bus or train. The reality is that our car parks are used by people who work in Bingham. To create frequent parking turn-over, changes were made to Union and Needham Street in the knowledge that the impact would push long term parkers to Newgate Street.

Changes to Newgate Street car park will only be considered once there is alternate long term parking. If changes are made without long term parking provision in place, the concern is that it will push long term parkers onto the residential streets in Bingham which would further exacerbate the challenges whilst driving in and through Bingham and frustrate local residents.

Bingham Town Council has identified an area of land which could potentially be used as long term parking. We are currently working with Rushcliffe Borough Council to create access to this land and to overcome other obstacles which would make this land a viable long term car parking facility. This will all take time but once a new long term parking facility is in place, it will then afford Rushcliffe Borough Council the opportunity to alter the parking regulations in Newgate Street and it will provide the conditions for Nottinghamshire County Council to conduct a further parking survey to assess Bingham’s parking provision in its entirety to see whether there is a need for resident parking in certain areas of Bingham.