Bingham Town Councillors when they take up office, sign a declaration of acceptance form which includes that they will observe the Town Council’s Code of Conduct. The current version of the Code of Conduct is attached. Councillors must also register and declare pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests. A copy of each Councillors interests can be found on this website, under their profile, access by clicking on the following link: and a copy is published on Rushcliffe Borough Council’s website, access by clicking on the following link:

Should anyone have a concern about a Bingham Town Councillor’s behaviour or manner, please see the attached complaints procedure from Rushcliffe Borough Council. It is Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Monitoring Officer who is responsible for administering the system in regard to Councillor complaints. The complaints procedure provides information on how to make a complaint. You are also able to submit a complaint online by clicking on the following link: Complaints and Compliments – Rushcliffe Borough Council