The Bingham Community Parks Project has announced the final designs for the play park on Wychwood Road.

On behalf of the BCPP I’m delighted to unveil to you the final designs for the new park at Wychwood Road.

You’ll no doubt see the range of exciting new equipment from the image here, but I’ll draw your attention to the fundamental choices we made to enhance the facility:

  1. The removal of the existing walls and fencing for safety and to extend the park out into the surrounding areas
  2. The concrete area in front of the existing park is now useful play space in the new design
  3. A variety of equipment which makes provision now for 0-12 years rather than just toddlers as it is now

I must thank our funders, FCC Communities Foundation (formerly Wren) and Nottinghamshire County Council’s LIS (Local Improvement Scheme) whom without their support the park wouldn’t be possible – and of course support from Bingham Town Council.

I can’t wait to get started – which is useful because work commences on 10th August!

– Councillor Paul Moskwa

(Click or tap photo to enlarge)