The survey is now closed

Thank you to all those that took part. The results will be discussed at the next Full Council meeting.

The Town Council at its 16 June 2020 meeting unanimously voted to support and contribute £400,000 toward the redevelopment of the Town Pavilion at Wynhill which was granted planning permission earlier this year. The land and building is owned by Bingham Town Council and is leased to Bingham Rugby Club, who are also contributing to the project to improve the facilities. The redevelopment cost has been estimated at £600,000 with funding being sought via other grant funding applications.

View the Footprint Plan (pdf file)

This major infrastructure investment and improvement of this important community hub and sporting facility includes the following:

  • a doubling of the community space
  • single level disabled access
  • a separate meeting / learning room including added audio visual facilities
  • enhanced kitchen facilities
  • improved sporting facilities to enable female, male & mixed ability participation
  • ecology and tree planting plans to improve biodiversity
  • parking for circa 86 cars including provision for disabled spaces and electric charging points

The Town Council is conducting a 28 day consultation until midnight, Sunday 9th August 2020 and is seeking the views of it’s residents, particularly Council Tax payers, as the Town Council wishes to borrow funding of £400,000 over 30 years, via the Government’s Public Works Loan Board scheme. The Town Council has already set aside funds to cover at least the first 2 years repayments, however, there may be a small impact on your Council Tax in future years.